In an effort to bridge the gap with youth in our communities, the Elite Ladies of PAL desires to fill a community need for mentoring for at-risk females within Seminole County. It is our goal to reach out to at-risk females within the community to reduce the risk of criminal activity while positively impacting the lives of girls within the county.

These girls are referred through community partner such as community based agencies (CBC of Seminole, Horizon’s Counseling Center, Boys and Girls Club, Midway Safe Harbor), schools (SRD/SRO referrals), and community churches.

The Qualifications under the program are as follows:

Young ladies must be enrolled in a Seminole County educational program;
Young ladies must be between the ages of 11 to 18; Young ladies must have some involvement with the above listed referring agencies; Parent/Guardian is encouraged to participate throughout the process.

The selection of the ladies is based on an overall consensus of the Elite Ladies of PAL Program Advisors. Referred ladies are invited to attend an orientation and selection is made thereafter by way of phone and/or face to face contact.

Topics covered under the program are as follows:,

Sex Education (NOTE: A liability waiver will be provided to parents allowing for participation in this portion of group sessions)

Break the ice with discussions as it relates to how it is portrayed in media. Note how it is a staple of news, entertainment, and advertising but ensuring as women they are aware how perceptions and actions can affect them as women and in the future;
Provide a sounding board for the girls where they are able to express their point of view as it relates to the subject and allow for the sharing of teen pressures, challenges, and concerns; Address risks as it relates to pregnancy, STD’s, myths, emotional pain, ethics, and responsibility. Discussions had on in this area will be abstinence based/focused.

Career Planning/Vocational

Help girls determine their interests through participation in various activities to include vocational trips, i.e. Beauty School, Day Care Centers, Technical Colleges, etc;
Provide guest speakers in areas of interest shared by the majority of the group and develop mini-training sessions in which they can display their skills;
Develop a vocational interest test/assessment to help pinpoint girls areas of interest.
Hold training workshops on resume building, business etiquette and interview attire, employment search, follow up etiquette, etc; Plan and attend career fairs; Research on the job training opportunities, job shadowing opportunities, internship opportunities, how to utilize school counselors, etc.

Financial Planning

NEFE Financial Planning High School Program (; Address teens financial knowledge and behaviors- Things you need to know when transitioning to adulthood; Discuss banking, housing, insurance (auto, home, and health), credit, utilities, etc; Address financial education – Values, beliefs, and attitudes about money; Develop mock personal savings plan and development of savings account; Differentiate between assets and expenses; Address female stereotypes with finances (i.e. shopping, shoes, impulse buys, etc.


Will address manners and appropriate behavior in various settings; Will conduct mock interviews to provide an interactive environment where the girls are able to express themselves.


Will discuss parenting skills with teen moms; Provide education geared towards healthy practices in caring for their bodies through women’s care; Address how hygiene influences those around them, how it affects them, and how it affects the baby;
Provide interactive mock activities to help develop and/or improve parenting skills.

Physical Fitness

Address the height to weight ratio; Address daily caloric intake and healthy diet as well as the need for moderation in eating and exercise activities; Will address the effects of substance abuse on the body and how it ultimately can affect others.


Certified S.A.F.E. Instructors and Life Skills Training facilitators will use their skills to address safety as it relates to common sense practices and logic. Simply helping the girls be aware of their surroundings and how to protect themselves in the event of a possible violent attack/possible abduction;<Will provide Mommy/Daughter S.A.F.E. and LST sessions to address safety concerns; Will address dating violence and provide families with resources as needed. Discussing what is appropriate/inappropriate in dating situations; Address the recent concerns with human trafficking and providing with information to help girls avoid falling into the traps easily set by predators, especially as it relates to social networking (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Self Esteem

Will address self-esteem through recognition of their self-image; Encourage member’s ability to carry themselves with dignity and respect Encourage and display positive interaction with female influences and provide avenues to help them improve providing opportunities for them to get out of their comfort zone; Encourage the breaking down of barriers and allowing the members to feel a part of something.


Provide members with skills that will establish confident speaking; Discuss how to hold a proper conversation while addressing the do’s and don’ts of speaking and body language.

Life Skills

Will encourage confidence to help members feel comfortable with themselves, thus exhibiting that confidence in social settings; Provide girls with a skill set in the areas of social skills, decision making, coping mechanisms, and life skills; Address family gynamics and helping to break the barriers of generational poverty and other
at-risk behaviors; Will incorporate Life Skills Training facilitation manuals as well as ARISE Life Skills facilitation manuals.

Cultural Diversity

Will address cultural diversity in the modern world, define it, and relate it to their current environment; Will hold special activities, allowing all members to display their own cultural beliefs by way of celebrations and other special events.

Community Involvement

Elicit community service through continued partnership with community resources such as Harvest Time International, local nursing homes, Rescue Outreach Mission, Hands on Orlando, and the like to encouraged giving back to the community;
Community involvement activities will help to instill purposeful activities with the members and giving back to the less fortunate; Holiday events such as Thanksgiving food drives, food packaging, Families In Transition, and Christmas Village activities through the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office will also be great opportunities for giving back.


In reviews of promising mentoring programs , the single most favorable aspect was invariably identified as a charismatic or "authentic" program staff. Staff who had "been
there" themselves, who "walked the talk," seemed to have a better understanding of the issues girls were facing in their own lives. Girls expressed respect for the real-life experiences of staff members who could communicate on a level the girls could understand. Girls noted their relationships with specific staff members as key factors in their program participation and \successful progression (Prevention, 1998).

The staff reflect diversity of the population being served and provide bilingual service. Women Staff members are important in providing good role models and modeling healthy relationship skills. The staff provide program understanding, understanding of the adolescent female development, the importance of risk factors and protective factor’s in girls lives, have the training needed to make the program successful, have knowledge of the female culture, and can provide with adequate assessment to meet their needs.



To instill self-image that will enable young women to be confident, successful, and productive members of society.